DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router Review

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If you are a woodworker, you must have already used table-mounted and hand-held routers for different projects. You would have often avoided using hand-held routers, unless it is absolutely necessary, because of the difficulty in handling them. You would have relied more on table routing because of the ease of handling the router. However, the DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router which comes with a fixed as well as a plunge base will help you to overcome all these problems and enable you to incorporate aesthetic improvements to the projects that you handle. It delivers almost the same power as a full-size router, but feels smaller and lighter. The ergonomically designed compact router is capable of handling a variety of applications such as small bevel cuts, heavy flush trimming and large edge profiling.

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Features of DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router

• 1.25 HP durable motor provides sufficient power for executing the toughest of applications
• Variable speed control allows optimization of bit speed for changing applications
• Soft-start motor with electronic feedback maintains speed of motor throughout the cut
• Two LEDs and clear sub-base allow maximum visibility during operation
• Adjustment ring helps to control changes in bit depth to within 1/64-inch in the case of fixed base
• With fixed base, depth travel of up to 1.5 inch is possible
• Extended collet (8 slots, 1/4 inch) ensures maximum surface contact
• Three-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, covering defects due to workmanship and faulty material

Technical Specifications

– Weight – 7.7 lbs
– Collet Capacity – 1/4 in
– Power – 1.25 HP
– Voltage – 120 volts
– Speed – variable
– Base Type: fixed or plunge
– Current – 7 amps
– RPM – 16,000 – 27,000
– Plunge Capacity – 1.5 inches

Ease of Use

The LED lights along with the clear sub-base ensure better visibility when the compact router is in operation. On the other hand, the extended collet ensures greater contact between the bit and the bit shaft when compared to that provided by traditional routers. The advantage is that the grip on the bit will be firmer and the vibration will be less. The sub-base has been designed to have a D shape so as to ensure flatness and stability when you run edge profiles. Further, the spindle lock comes with a large button which you can actuate using the same hand that you use to stabilize the router, making it easier for you to change bits.

In the case of the plunge base, there is a scale that indicates depth precisely, a lever which when released locks and maintains the depth setting and non-slip grip rubber handles. The compact router delivers good user control and with the help of the adjustable five-step turret stop, you can consistently execute accurate stepped plunge cuts.


The DEWALT DWP611PK can be highly productive because it delivers more power than comparable competitor models. The variable speed drive helps you to manage the tool better and decide on the best speed for an application. Further, the compact router comes with a soft start feature and electronic feedback mechanism which helps to maintain the motor speed during the cutting operation. Moreover, the adjustment ring enables you to control depth changes within 1/64 of an inch.

What Customers Say About DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router

Research reveals that a majority of the users of the compact router find it convenient to use because of its ergonomic design. Many of the customers are also satisfied with its power output, safety features and good grip. Customers are also happy with the visibility provided by the LED lights and router’s relatively quiet operation. However, some customers say that it becomes a little hot when used continuously for a long time, but the temperature is within acceptable limits. Read More At…

What Is Inside the Pack

When you place an order for the product, the pack comes to you complete with DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router with LEDs, standard fixed base, a wrench and instructions for its operation.

Final Verdict

The powerful compact router is a great performer as it enables you to exercise good controls. If you are looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of your projects, then you need to necessarily have DEWALT DWP611PK with you. This router is ergonomically designed and is convenient to use. Further, it is capable of handling a variety of applications because of its versatility. Finally, it provides a great value for the price you pay. The best price for the product is available on Amazon.

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