Skil 5480-01 Circular Saw Kit – A Review

 Skil 5480-01 7.25“ (13 Amp) is an ideal circular saw kit that you can use to complete projects at home. It is a user friendly and dependable tool. This product is most suited for do-it-yourself carpenters as well as those amateurs who have just started carpentry as a hobby. It can be used to cut wood and other materials with a professional finish. It is a user-friendly tool that is reliable and durable.

 Skil 5480-01 Circular Saw Kit: Features

The Skil 5480-01 comes with a weight that is 0.5 pounds less than its predecessor and can be used to cut different types of woods used in fences, beds and decks. Some of the other main features are as follows:

The circular saw is easy to assemble and can be set up without any hassles. It weighs only 11.8 pounds and is designed to help the carpenter have more control of the tool. This results in stable even cuts. The saw kit can be comfortably used with a single hand. The Skil 5480-01 is equipped with a powerful motor having a horsepower rating of 2.3 and good quality ball-bearings. This ensures increased power as well as durability.

The circular saw kit is fitted with an Anti-Snug (lower guard) feature that comes to aid when effecting narrow cuts and when working on smaller cut-off pieces. The rear lever can be adjusted to make accurate in-depth cuts. It has a two-point line of sight that affords more accurate cuts when using the circular saw assembly. The trigger is guarded and prevents any unintended start of the machine. It also has a safety-lock in place. The Skil 5480-01 is equipped with a feature that allows the user to measure the cuts in the wood.

The speed can be adjusted to a higher level (15 percent more) to make faster cuts and finish the job quickly. This newer model also has a 20 percent wider foot which makes it more stable. The serrated circular blade is made of 18T carbide. The tough carbide blade of 7.25 inch diameter works well at faster speeds.

Whereas the motor of 13 amps provides the power to cut through different types of wood, the 18T blade can be used to tackle different types of carpentry projects. A power cord length of 6 feet allows the user more control and ease.

 What you get When you buy Skil 5480-01 Circular Saw Kit

When you place an order for the circular saw kit, the box you get will contain the 5480-01 circular SKILSAW, the 18T saw blade and a wrench. The product dimensions are 14 x 9 x 11 inches.

 Skil 5480-01 Circular Saw Kit – Benefits

The Skil 5480-01 is lightweight and offers greater control. It is long-lasting and can be easily maintained to ensure longer life. The high-quality ball-bearings used in the construction of the circular saw kit increase its life span and robustness. It is designed to work for several hours in a day and help to complete the carpentry jobs quickly with a good finish. It can be easily assembled with the help of the manual. It comes with a UL mark for safety in the United States and cULc mark in Canada. It is shipped free of cost throughout the United States. The tool is available to be shipped to select countries outside of the United States as well. Further, the circular saw kit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for one year.

 What the customers are saying about Skil 5480-01

Though I bought the saw intending to use it only for a single project, after using it the first time, I found myself searching for other projects that involved the use of this saw. I have since bought two of these and use these saws to even make beveled cuts. I use these saws for long hours in major construction projects.

Z. Abedin

Though I initially thought the Skil 5480-01 7.25“ was not up to the mark because the blades were stalling frequently, I realized that the blades were actually loose. Once I reassembled the housing and tightened the blades sufficiently, the saw has been working fine.

Daniel Linehan

I use the Skil 5480-01 7.25“ circular saw for very heavy duty work. The sharp blade helps to easily cut through any type of wood. The saw has particularly worked well in many of my remodeling projects.

Charise White

 Final Word

It is reasonably priced for the functionality and the durability that it offers. It a definitely a value-for-mony buy and it is worth having one.

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